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How can we help? Bursaries at CircusWest

Posted on 08/30/2012 at 11:46am

With all the activities kids are in these days – everything from baseball to ballet – costs can add up.

Lucky for CircusWest parents, there are a number of resources that can help lessen the load of the cost of these activities, especially our CirKids classes! Not only do we offer a bursary ourselves, we have also put together a list of resources that you can look into.

  • Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart: helps with the cost of equipment, registration and transportation
  • Athletics for Kids (A4K): works to provide financially disadvantaged youth with access to organized sports
  • Kidsport: provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport

You can also look for options through your employer, community centre, church or anywhere else you may be a regular. Also note that some bursaries can be applied for again for activities starting in September as well as January.

CircusWest strives to create an inclusive environment where all kids can excel and stay active. We hope to see you this fall!


What’s going on this fall at CircusWest?

Posted on 08/29/2012 at 2:48pm

Come hang out with us this fall!

CircusWest loves to try new things and we’ve got some great things for you to look out for this fall.

Here they are!


A special option for our CirKids and other youth looking to get involved in circus. Continue your circus development in these skill-specific classes for CirKids. Sessional classes run for 6 weeks and focus on building on skills learned in the CirKids program and having fun!

Classes are offered in:

  • Trampoline (2 levels available)
  • Tissu (2 levels available)
  • Trapeze and Aerial Hoop
  • Unicycle

Parent & Tot Circus

Don’t miss this opportunity to hang out (literally!) with your kids. This 6 week class is designed to allow parents and children to spend quality time together at CirucsWest learning new circus skills. This class will challenge both adult and child while creating some memories that will last a lifetime. This class is for children 3-5 years old and their parents.

Yoga Acro

As a Vancouverite, yoga is probably something you’ve tried. Why not pair this crowd favourite with acrobatics? The focus of this Adult & Teen class will be on breath, foundations, alignment and core engagement. Yoga and non-ballistic acrobatic skills (rolls, cartwheels, walkovers) will be explored in a safe environment. All levels of experience welcome!

You can find details about all these classes and registration, click here. We’ve also got some workshops to look out for and tons of events and performances around town.

Not what you’re looking for? Head back to our website to browse or feel free to contact us with questions.

Student Perspective: Travis

Posted on 08/22/2012 at 10:31am

Travis is clearly passionate about all things circus!

One of our Performance students, Travis Paterson, weighs in on his experience at CircusWest.
I first started Circus Arts when I was in Grade 5. I remember going on a field trip to see ‘Circus Metropolis’ way back when. I was so inspired and mesmerized by all the performers on stage! I remember it so clearly – sitting back in the seats, so into it, the show hadn’t even started yet and I was in love! Our school went every year because one of the performer’s moms was my teacher at the time. Her mom would take the class every year and i would love it! So finally I talked my parents into joining the circus – CircusWest that is!
Over the years I have definitely done and seen some pretty cool things! One thing that I just got into this year is ‘8Rings’ – a form of object manipulation. I’m glad Jay talked me into cause now I’m one of the few in Vancouver that does it! Next year I hope to gain lots more illusions with the rings.
CircusWest has provided me with so many opportunities in the past years, from meeting Cirque Clowns to professional gymnasts! We are also very privileged to have great coaches! They are supportive and want you to fully understand your limits and do things that you never thought were possible!
Not only are the coaches great but everyone who trains along side of you are also great. We’re all one big happy family! Yes, we have our down times,  but its like any family, in the end we all love each other again. I find that circus is a way to relieve stress from a not so great day at school, or a rough day at home! Its a way to release your emotions in a positive way and actually look good doing it.
So every year, the performance troupes are offered opportunities to perform at various events around Vancouver, like the Santa Clause Parade, mall shows, carnivals, fundraisers and more. The most recent show i did was actually at a convention…a funeral convention. Im not going to lie it was a bit strange, but a great experience.  To start the night off we were placed in our green room, which had a casket in the middle of the room with a name on it. I think that was one of the funniest shows I’ve done because it was just so different! I love having the opportunity to try new things and meet new people.
Over the summer I’ve been taking it pretty easy! Done a couple of shows this month and can’t wait to do another! Im also working right now on Bowen Island, so that limits a lot of my day from time to time, but I’m excited to get back into the gym in September.
Next year I want to work ten times harder at circus because I want to prove to myself that there are no limits in circus and break through that wall of ” I can’t do it.”  I want to try new things, but also get better at my specialities! Circus has no ends in what you can do, just new starts.

It’s that time again! CircusWest + PNE

Posted on 08/15/2012 at 12:00pm

With the summer winding down it means it’s time for the Fair at the PNE to start gearing up.

“But what does that mean for CircusWest?”, you might ask. Well there are going to be a few changes around here.

From August 20 until September 4, CircusWest will not be inhabiting the PNE Garden Auditorium in preparation for all of the great fun that the Fair will provide!

Though we won’t be in the office, that doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help you out! All administrative staff will be working remotely and accessible by email. Though phone service will be more tricky, messages will be checked regularly so we can answer any questions or queries you may have before the circus fun starts again in September.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at 604.252.3679 or and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Now, onto the fun stuff! What are you most looking forward to at the Fair at the PNE? Any concerts? Food stands? Games? You may find us loitering by the deep fried oreos tent and rocking out to the awesome concerts.

Enjoy the Fair and we’ll see you in September!

What’s it like? Coach in Training at CircusWest

Posted on 08/08/2012 at 1:21pm


Bayview Camps sure look fun!


Rachael Stevens has been helping out senior coach, Brian Robertson at the Bayview camps this summer. One opportunity CircusWest offers young circus performers in the chance to help out at a camp teaching younger kids skills and instilling their passion for circus in the next generation of young circus performers.

Each camp has a number of Coaches in Training (CIT) to assist coaches with skill building and act creation. Here’s a bit about Rachel’s experience and why she loves being a CIT at CircusWest.

CircusWest: Why do you like working as a CIT?
Rachael Stevens: I love helping out with the older and littler kids because they are so much fun to be around and they keep up my summer spirit.

CW: did you get involved with CircusWest?
RS: I joined CirKids because my grandma thought it would be fun for me to join and for me to do something fun during the summer.

CW: What is your first memory from circus training?
RS: I was nervous at first but then I started to really enjoy it and I have been going to CirKids for about 4 years now.

CW: What has your experience been while being a CIT at Bayview? What inspires you about learning to coach?
RS: Brian is a really good coach to be around, he is always making someone laugh. He teaches the kids that you cant stop trying.

CW: What’s in store for next summer?
RS: Helping out at Bayview is really fun and i hope to do it some more.

Sounds like a great time! Thanks to Rachael for letting us know about experience and to Brian for creating such a special camp.

There are still spaces in the Bayview camps for the next coming weeks. Don’t miss out on the fun! Details:

Summer Camps Fun + Kiwassa

Posted on 08/01/2012 at 2:38pm

Summer camp kids show their stuff!


CircusWest summer camps are anything but boring.

From wacky hair days and creative shows featuring killer cupcakes, neon kittens and pirates, these camps are jampacked with fun for kids ages 5-14.

One of the highlights of the PNE camps was having students from Kiwassa Neighbourhood House attend. Thanks to the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund, these kids were able to discover the joy of circus and spend their week developing skills, making friends, having a ton of fun and putting on a great show at the end.

CircusWest and Kiwassa have been working together ever since we’ve been part of the Hastings-Sunrise community and we’re delighted to be able to extend our already vibrant partnership. We can’t wait to continue working with this great community organization and to welcome more of their members’ smiling faces into our gym.

Though the summer is quickly coming to an end (we’re sorry we have to mention that!), we still have 4 weeks of camps left at our Bayview location. More details can be found here.