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Back from Wonderland

Posted on 05/16/2013 at 4:23pm

May Show Finale1

38 performers, 6 coaches, one artistic director, 840 minutes of show, 8 months of training, 65 volunteers, 1,265,332 litres of hairspray, 123 minutes of applause and hugs beyond counting: A Circus in Wonderland was a huge success!

No less than 3,100 people have witnessed Alice’s exciting journey, setting a new record of attendance to our May Show! They laughed, shivered, cheered and escaped reality, through this exceptional emotional experience. After all, this is what CircusWest is all about: sharing a dream, showing passion and having fun!

Mission accomplished.


For more awesome pictures of the show,
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May Show Finale2May Show Finale3

Meet the Maker: three questions to Jay Nunns, Artistic Director

Posted on 05/06/2013 at 10:43am

AIMG_0199 crown, a pair of rabbit ears, a chessboard… Nothing says “mystery” like the accessories for CircusWest’s next May Show, A Circus in Wonderland, starting at the PNE Garden Auditorium this Thursday, May 9th, through Sunday, May 12th.  Jay Nunns, Artistic Director, tells us the story behind the story…


And if you still haven’t got your tickets, hurry up, click HERE!


What is “A Circus in Wonderland” about and why pick this theme?

Each year, we ask the kids what they would like the show to be about and what stories we have not told over the years we have been doing this. Perhaps, due to the large number of girls in the cast and the popular Tim Burton movie – the kids wanted to do Alice in Wonderland. For circus, ‘Through the Looking Glass’ offered more opportunities for creating different world and having characters that could believably ‘break’ into circus.

As I did more reading about the Lewis Carroll tale — I found that there were many characters which could lend themselves to circus.


What kind of circus arts can we expect to see?

We have a myriad of acts in this show ranging from aerials to juggling to unicycling to tightwire to human balancing and acrobatics — just to name a few. We have created a card castle act where people stack large playing cards and perform acrobatics over, under and through. As well, we have a stacking bike act where 8 people share a bike as it rides on circles on the stage. And, we have three performers who roll upwards on aerial straps attached only on their arms.


How long did it take to create this show?

We started developing acts/ideas for the show in November — getting ideas for acts and building the script for the show.
In essence, we start building the show in September of each year as kids begin training then.
In the earlier part of the year — we worked on skill building — and in January we began developing concepts/acts for the show.
As for the circus skill part of the show — the Cirkids have put in many years to learn, develop and refine their special skills.
All of April is spent constructing the show (we call it blocking) with the acts that have been created. The challenge we have is that we are also building skills for the acts at the same time as we are constructing the show. A fine balance — that we endeavour to manage each year.