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Help us party like it’s 2014!

Posted on 08/23/2013 at 1:00pm


As you know, in 2014 CircusWest will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. 

To make it really special, we plan on organizing community events throughout the year.

You have some event planning skills, you’re full of ideas and you want to be part of this one year long party? Come on and join the team!




CircusWest is looking for volunteers with event planning experience to take on the planning and execution on one of the following events:

  • Polar Bear Swim – January 1st 2014
  • Welcome Back BBQ – September 2014
  • Art Show & Auction – Fall 2014
  • Winter Solstice Year End Party – December 2014

If you are interested, please email info@circuswest for more info or see the office.

And if you have some ideas for events or themes, we’re also interested in any suggestions… Please send them to or come see us!


Circus on holiday: Tami’s recommendations

Posted on 08/13/2013 at 2:08pm

There’re only four weeks left before a new year starts at CircusWest. And by the way, if you haven’t registered yet, CLICK HERE! In the meantime, here’s a question to our senior coach Tami Knight: what do you recommend in order to stay fit during the long summer break?


“Yoga, yoga, yoga. End of story. Every day you should do a daily sadhana. Just what that is remains up to you. It should be mindful and intentional.

Some activities, like writing or drawing or meditation or gardening, feed your soul and spirit. Others, like the yoga asana practice, feed your body.

I recommend a hatha yoga class on the beach while on the Islands. Finish with a swim. Drink some rum and rootbeer afterwards (Editor’s note: skip the rum if you’re not 19+…)
If you’re staying in Vancouver, take a class at a studio within walking distance of your home.

Be well. See you in September.