Circus is about having fun and surpassing yourself, but it’s also a way to reach out and bring people together. That is why CircusWest has made a commitment to provide opportunities and shared moments of joy to all the community.

Thanks to our bursary fund, kids from all backgrounds have now the possibility to enroll and join CircusWest. This crucial financial help is offered to the families who can’t afford an after school program for their kids, but also to those for whom it would be too much of an investment.

Another way for CircusWest to give back is to take part in benefit performances for numerous community groups throughout the Lower Mainland. Appearances include Superchefs at Zajac Ranch and Global TV’s Variety Club Show of Hearts.

And since our community is also our neighborhood, we work every day to take part in Hasting Sunrise’s vibrant and colorful atmosphere. We’ve connected with the Kiwassa Neighbourhood House by offering after school circus classes and constantly favour working with professionals based the area.