Spring Camps Circus Congrats

Posted on 03/22/2013 at 8:58pm

CircusWest is so proud of all the young folks who performed today in our first week of Spring Break camps.

For the first time, we offered a week-long circus camp in Surrey, where 24 children learned to juggle, unicycle, make
pyramids, and jump on a trampoline. Their show was wonderful! We’re looking forward to doing more camps in Surrey this summer.

The Vancouver CircusWest Spring camp culminated in a performance of the Awesome Museum at the PNE Gardens. We were all relieved that the tumbling, trampoline jumping, aerial-silk riding, pyramid building thieves didn’t get away with the fabulous golden crown!

Join the fun at the half-day camps next week or at our many Summer Camps throughout the Lower Mainland. Registration for some of the camps is already open: Click HERE to check the schedule.

Summer Camps Fun + Kiwassa

Posted on 08/01/2012 at 2:38pm

Summer camp kids show their stuff!


CircusWest summer camps are anything but boring.

From wacky hair days and creative shows featuring killer cupcakes, neon kittens and pirates, these camps are jampacked with fun for kids ages 5-14.

One of the highlights of the PNE camps was having students from Kiwassa Neighbourhood House attend. Thanks to the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund, these kids were able to discover the joy of circus and spend their week developing skills, making friends, having a ton of fun and putting on a great show at the end.

CircusWest and Kiwassa have been working together ever since we’ve been part of the Hastings-Sunrise community and we’re delighted to be able to extend our already vibrant partnership. We can’t wait to continue working with this great community organization and to welcome more of their members’ smiling faces into our gym.

Though the summer is quickly coming to an end (we’re sorry we have to mention that!), we still have 4 weeks of camps left at our Bayview location. More details can be found here.

Deaf Youth Today @ CircusWest

Posted on 07/25/2012 at 11:16am

CircusWest was very excited to have had the opportunity of working with Deaf Youth Today program two weeks ago.

A group of 35 young students learnt how to juggle, walk hand stilts, perform acrobatics, build pyramids and learn skills on the trampoline. The group had a mixture of speaking and deaf students and their interpreters were on hand to relay the information from the coaches to the deaf students. As students achieved a new skill, it was awesome to see the group applaud for each other by raising their hands to shoulder height and shaking hands back and forth – much like if they were doing ‘jazz hands.’

The students attended a total of four circus lessons and took on  many new circus challenges like try aerials, unicycles and much more! As well, there was a small group of students in wheel chairs that took on juggling, object manipulation and balancing challenges.

CircusWest is excited to be working with a wide variety of diverse students and inspiring them through the magic of circus arts while allowing them to reveal their unique abilities.

Summer at CircusWest

Posted on 05/30/2012 at 6:17pm

Summer camps at CircusWest are a great way to spend those hot days!

CircusWest is a little bit different during the summer. Our CirKids programs are over and the PNE moves into the Gardens in August – but that doesn’t stop us from having lots of fun!

Not only do we have a session of classes for our Adult & Teen members to keep the summer active, we also have great summer camps at two locations. So while the PNE is having their fun, we don’t have to stop ours.

Throughout the summer, at both the PNE Gardens and Bayview Elementary School, Circuswest hosts summer camps for a variety of ages and skill levels. And even those these camps are held in the Lower Mainland, that doesn’t mean they don’t attract people from all over.

And our summer camps aren’t ordinary – they’re a destination. With participants coming from Saudi Arabia, the United States, the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island, there is clearly something special going on here.

Two students, Zoe and Darby have returned to our summer camps program for many years. Though they participate in the same program as the rest of the kids, these girls have to put a little more time into their circus training – in the form of a much longer commute. Zoe travels from Gibsons, BC to attend the camps describing them as, “lots of fun” and something “worth coming back for”. She re-ignited her passion for dance and circus by hopping on a bus and making the trip to CircusWest. Though her journey was long, the summer camps made her realize that, “[she] really, really liked doing circus” and provided her with a way to get involved in circus.

Darby was inspired to join our programs in a different way. Her aunt, who lived in Vancouver, purchased tickets for our annual show. They attended together and were “so impressed that [she] had to come back…to try the camp out”. Since that moment she’s been hooked! She now comes back every summer and has had the chance to develop into a Coach in Training (CIT), which she remembers fondly as one of her favourite moments – besides all the laughs, fun, and performances. Though Darby has trouble picking the single best part of the camps, she recalls that she made so many great memories and gained so much remarkable experience that travelling the distance from Nanaimo was totally worth it.

If those aren’t a reason to come to CircusWest for our summer camps, I’m not sure what is! There is still room in all of our camps and you can register online at We can’t wait to see you this summer!