Student Perspective: Travis

Posted on 08/22/2012 at 10:31am

Travis is clearly passionate about all things circus!

One of our Performance students, Travis Paterson, weighs in on his experience at CircusWest.
I first started Circus Arts when I was in Grade 5. I remember going on a field trip to see ‘Circus Metropolis’ way back when. I was so inspired and mesmerized by all the performers on stage! I remember it so clearly – sitting back in the seats, so into it, the show hadn’t even started yet and I was in love! Our school went every year because one of the performer’s moms was my teacher at the time. Her mom would take the class every year and i would love it! So finally I talked my parents into joining the circus – CircusWest that is!
Over the years I have definitely done and seen some pretty cool things! One thing that I just got into this year is ‘8Rings’ – a form of object manipulation. I’m glad Jay talked me into cause now I’m one of the few in Vancouver that does it! Next year I hope to gain lots more illusions with the rings.
CircusWest has provided me with so many opportunities in the past years, from meeting Cirque Clowns to professional gymnasts! We are also very privileged to have great coaches! They are supportive and want you to fully understand your limits and do things that you never thought were possible!
Not only are the coaches great but everyone who trains along side of you are also great. We’re all one big happy family! Yes, we have our down times,  but its like any family, in the end we all love each other again. I find that circus is a way to relieve stress from a not so great day at school, or a rough day at home! Its a way to release your emotions in a positive way and actually look good doing it.
So every year, the performance troupes are offered opportunities to perform at various events around Vancouver, like the Santa Clause Parade, mall shows, carnivals, fundraisers and more. The most recent show i did was actually at a convention…a funeral convention. Im not going to lie it was a bit strange, but a great experience.  To start the night off we were placed in our green room, which had a casket in the middle of the room with a name on it. I think that was one of the funniest shows I’ve done because it was just so different! I love having the opportunity to try new things and meet new people.
Over the summer I’ve been taking it pretty easy! Done a couple of shows this month and can’t wait to do another! Im also working right now on Bowen Island, so that limits a lot of my day from time to time, but I’m excited to get back into the gym in September.
Next year I want to work ten times harder at circus because I want to prove to myself that there are no limits in circus and break through that wall of ” I can’t do it.”  I want to try new things, but also get better at my specialities! Circus has no ends in what you can do, just new starts.

13 years of Circus

Posted on 07/05/2012 at 9:09am


Zoe in various CircusWest shows! Clockwise: practicing hand to hand with Daisy, porting, bottom left, with a unicycle team, and showing some acting skills with Tarise and Megan.


Zoe has been at CircusWest for 13 years. Along with graduating from high school, she’s also graduating from our programs at CircusWest. She takes a moment to look back on all 13 years of memories at CircusWest.

“13 years, 3 gyms, and an uncountable number of shows later I’m hanging up my bodysuits and saying good by to the circus family that has been so dear to me for so long. I started at CircusWest when I was 5 in their Lions program. My parents had enrolled me in the program after a number of friends had participated and had raved about it’s uniqueness. The most memorable experiences I have from my first year, is when I lead my group in our little lion costumes though our routine, when the girl who was supposed to lead didn’t show up for the performance.  I will always hold the numerous hours spent discovering new tricks on double uni, stacking bike and hand-to-hand dear to me and will carry the scars as fond memories. Cirkids has taught me how to work in a group and given me leadership skills that I will continue to use as I move on. Now I am off to try my luck at Capilano’s film program where I will be studying this fall.  I will continue to keep in touch with my circus family and come to see as many shows as I can. For everyone I have had the opportunity to work with I thank you all and for those thinking of joining the program I strongly encourage it.”

It’s been a great run Zoe and we’ve been so happy to have had you here at CircusWest. All of us wish you the best in your studies and hope you take your circus skills wherever you go!