Looking for a way to channel your kid’s energy through a creative way of expression? CirKids is CircusWest’s 36 weeks program for children ages 3 to 18, and a wonderful way for them to discover their own abilities in a non-competitive environment.

Juggling, tumbling, jumping on a trampoline, climbing on the trapeze bar or riding a unicycle are only a few examples of what children can try at CircusWest. They get a grasp of what they can do, learn self-confidence but also mutual trust, for circus is often about building together.

Classes are grouped by age, interest or ability. They run from September to June, seven days a week, with classes after school during the week and all day on the weekend. The tuition displayed in the right end column is the monthly fee, but note that registration stands for 36 weeks of classes.

And because circus is also about performing, students get to shine at least twice a year, at the Winter Walkabout and the Year End Showcase.

Depending on the program, monthly fees include tuition, performance fees and a refundable volunteer deposit. A once-per-year (September to August) insurance fee of $20 is added to the first month’s costs, as is CircusWest’s annual $15 membership fee.