As parent of a child enrolled in CirKids, you have the possibility to take an active part of the life at CircusWest by volunteering for us. Not a parent? You can still be part of the team! Here’s how it works.

A volunteer fee is added to the tuition for all CirKids programs except Cubs, Lions and Tigers. We ask parents to complete a specific amount of volunteer hours during the year, depending on their child’s program: 20 hours for Ringmasters, Big Top, Centre Ring and Ensemble students, 25 hours for Centre Stage and 30 hours for Performance students. Families with more than one child in CirKids are only asked 5 volunteer hours for each subsequent child and are charged a reduced volunteer fee.

We have a few great opportunities for volunteering!

Event Coordinator– Do you love organizing events and have a talent for coordination? Click HERE

Sewing Seamstress – Calling out for all runway designers! Just kidding, but we need some help from those with sewing experience! Click HERE

Costume Room Attendant – Some of us get pleasure out of setting up a well-organized room/work-space. Is this you? Click HERE

Video Editor – Are you a creative and enjoy putting together fun videos? Click HERE


Thank you so much for your support!